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Wrong. ...Again. A true baller is someone who doesnt have to "roll" with anyone or show off his "paper".

And who ever said maxxx "rolled" with R.Kelly. He is just a huge fan of R.Kelly, music and the business. He has followed these for decades and and is knowledgeable. <--and that is the definition of most of the people on this board.

And since we are all FANS (or at least I think) and this is a FANsite....hmmm....that would be the reason why were here. You know, I have no choice ever since I lost my key to R.Kelly's studio, home and cell phone number. 12-play.net will do. ;)

Nothing wrong with wanting to get with a Celeb. But what worries me are the people that think this is actually within their grasp and are delusional, combative and just plain creepy about it. That is the difference between a huge Fan and a Groupie.
I guess you'll ramble on about anything to be right??? Well if that's your wish, be right then... Who cares anyway.

I know true ballers with real paper are making deals at the office, on the golf course or in the studio, not rambling on the internet on a fan site.

You need to listen to R. Kelly's lyrics and pay close attention to what Robert is saying I don't think you do. He ain't singing to no man, He's singing to the Ladies. Think about it!!

I'm happy R. Kelly has been nominated R Kelly deserves a nomination for his musical excellence over the years actually he should receive a lifetime achievement award by his 20th year in show business which is coming up in about 2 or 3 years.