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I would like him to make adult music. I mean love making, I love you, I'm so in love, lets go out dancing, spiritual... all that type of stuff. Sure the songs about sex and fucking are technically adult content, but kids love that kinda shit. I would like him to make something in the vein of the Loveland, Chocolate Factory, Happy People era, but different.

The difference would be the production. I'd like him to use live musicians. Not keyboard horns, but a horn section. Not keyboard strings, but a full orchestra. not a drum machine.... you get the picture. Mix it like music is supposed to be mixed, minus the excessive compression (To the extreme right?) Let the the musicians get some playing time like Marvin used to. He doesn't have to sing through the whole song.

Another difference is cut down the tracklist to between 10-14 tracks and let the songs breathe. I say that in regards to the 3:30 second standard. I can't help but think if he let the songs develop for 5-7 minutes as opposed to 3-4 minutes, we could really get some gems.

He can really make classic music if he uses musicians as opposed to beatmakers. He's got it in him, and hopefully whatever label he'll be on at the time will let him to what he wants.
I think I have never agreed with anyone more. Everything you said, it's exactly what I feel.
Live musicians do make a difference. Let them do their thing on the songs, and you will be rewarded. Music, even if you're a solo artist like R. Kelly, is best when it's practiced as a team sport. You don't have to fill every second or every minute of a song with vocals. You don't have to have 12+ songs on an album. It is ok to have songs that just go on and on grooving for 8, 9, or even 10+ minutes. Look at all the great soulmen from past eras. It's how they did it, not always but a lot.

But I could deal with the 4-minute length format. What I really want is live music. I think one of the reasons why I don't like many of his new songs is that even the slower, more R&B-ish songs are basically computer-generated.

Very good post.