In case you are wondering...I did not write that article. I cannot post links, unfortunately.

In the case of R. Kelly and him currently "giving into what sells." Lets look at the numbers...all sales are for the US only

1992, Born into the 90s = Platinum

1993, 12 Play = 6x Platinum

1995, R. Kelly = 5x Platinum

1998, R. = 8x Platinum

2000, = 5x Platinum

2003, Chocolate Factory = 3x Platinum

2004, Happy People/U Saved Me = 3x Platinum

2005, TP-3 Reloaded = 2x Platinum

2007, Double Up = Platinum

Now "Double Up" is falling off the charts and may not go double platinum. I think it can be safely concluded that Kells' actually sold MORE records when he was sticking a true R&B formula with a gospel feel as well ("I Believe I Can Fly). I mean, "Fly" won him his only 3 grammy's! Yes, times have changed with downloading music and the trial but Kells clearly sold more when he wasn't "overly" hip-hop influenced. I think the majority of Kells fans can live with the occasional club track but they want the R&B/Gospel and meaningful songs back...In recent years, Chocolate Factory and Happy People/U Saved Me sold more than TP-3 and Double Up...why abandon the genre? In my opinion, he needs to start thinking about what he wants his legecy to be - how he wants to be remembered musically. He still has the chance to be remembered as the modern-day Marvin Gaye...but maybe that's not what he wants.